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How Do Automated Lighting and Shading Work Together to Enhance Your Home?

Dijis Technology Solutions is Helping Chicagoland Residents Save Resources with Home Automation

How Do Automated Lighting and Shading Work Together to Enhance Your Home?

Lighting control systems are incredibly popular today, including in the areas of Northbrook, Lake Forest, and Chicago, Illinois. Automated shading is also common feature among businesses and homes. But did you know that lighting and shading automation can actually work together to make your home even more secure, safe, and green?

It’s important to us at Dijis Technology Solutions to provide our customers and partners with the most beneficial information to help their businesses thrive and their lives at home flourish. We believe that lighting and shading control systems are a powerful combination to enhance your property. Here are a few illustrations of how it works.

Save More Energy and Money

A common goal on everyone’s mind is how to keep a home cool in the summer and warm in the winter without making your HVAC system work on overdrive and use too much energy. No one wants a high electric bill. Shades reduce heat by filtering the daylight that enters your home, causing your air conditioning to run less. Raise them during the winter to help capture heat from those same rays and in turn lower the costs of heating.

Intelligent lighting control helps lights and shades work hand-in-hand by dimming lights when the sun is bright as well as triggering shades to lower. Shades also protect your home from the sun’s damaging UV rays, preserving your furniture for years to come.

Increase the Security of Your Property

Dijis can install motion sensors in your home that trigger lights to come on. This is helpful when you wake in the middle of the night or approach your doorstep helping you to avoid accidents. Lighting can also scare intruders away as their presence triggers the system to come on.

Further, shades are a fantastic way to protect your privacy. You’ll keep your family or business safe by preventing criminals from monitoring your day-to-day activities.

Add Touches of Beauty to Your Interior Design

You might fear that installing new technology means you have to sacrifice style. But with large fabric selections from Lutron, you can choose from more than 1,500 materials. You’ll also be able to look through different styles—such as Venetian blinds, fashion honeycomb, pleated, and vertical drapery—as well as colors, fabrics, and patterns.

Lighting also adds subtle, but beautiful accents to your interior design. Remodeling your kitchen? Put backlights around the moldings or backsplash. When you hit “dim” you’ll see a glowing room that is both stunning and practical.

Want your lighting and shading systems to work together for the best results? Call Dijis Technology Solutions at (847) 520-1348 or fill out the contact form on our website. We’ll get your lights and shades talking to each other in no time.