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Three Ways to Improve Your Building Management Operations

Smart HVAC Controls Can Help You Build a Better Business

Three Ways to Improve Your Building Management Operations

What determines the productivity and energy efficiency of your commercial space is based in large part on the systems that lie behind the scenes of your building. Whether you manage a small retail space, an office building or a sports bar, your HVAC system plays a leading role in the comfort, safety, and overall experience of your employees and patrons.

What if you could manage all these systems with one intelligent solution?

1. Increase comfort and safety

Regardless of the season a smart HVAC control system allows you to set the optimal temperature and regulate ventilation for your space in order to meet the comfort and safety needs of your occupants.

2. Lower your energy usage and in turn save water

Energy costs typically make up a significant portion of a business’s operating budget. Save energy with programmed settings and integration into a building automation system. Water and energy are woven into our daily lives and are strongly linked to one another. Because of the energy water nexus when you conserve one of these you use less of the other. Producing energy requires water, and treating and delivering potable (drinking) water requires large amounts of energy.

3. Better understand building performance

Monitor and control your thermostat from a mobile device and get real-time data about the performance of your building. With this knowledge you can formulate a strategy and make more informed decisions about managing and optimizing operations.

Dijis Technology Solutions has experience working with a variety of different clients in the Northbrook, IL and Lake Forest, IL areas including schools, restaurants, houses of worship, and retail establishments. We can turn your space into a highly productive and energy efficient building that provides users with an unparalleled experience.