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What Home Video Distribution Services are Available in Northbrook, Illinois?

Experience High-definition Video From Any Source with Dijis Technology Solutions

What Home Video Distribution Services are Available in Northbrook, Illinois?

Do you like different types of entertainment? Most people do. But sometimes managing different sources of media, like cable TV, Internet libraries, and DVDs or games can get complicated. Furthermore, what do you do if different members of your home want to watch different programs?

Dijis Technology Solutions can take care of your home’s video distribution to simplify your entertainment experience. It doesn’t matter how many TVs you have in your house, or how many video streaming services you pay for, we can make it easy to manage all of them. Here are some features of what our professionals can do for you when it comes to home video in Northbrook, Illinois.

Distribute Different Content with Control4

Picture this, you are in your room watching the news when your 3-year-old son comes in and says he wants to watch cartoons. Pull out your tablet or Control4 keypad and simply choose the playroom TV, select a Netflix show, like Yo Gabba Gabba, and hit play. Instantly the program comes on and he can go have some fun. You didn’t have to hit 10 buttons or even leave your cozy spot on the bed.

Dijis makes this possible with AV switchers and a strong control system. Everything you want to watch is at your fingertips with our media distribution solutions, so it’s easy for any person in the family to get shows, movies, and games anywhere in the house instantly.

Since you can access every technology in your home in one place too, you can create a particular atmosphere as well. Use your control panel to dim the lights, lower shades, and adjust speaker volume levels. Use surveillance cameras to check in on your son and then speak through the intercom. This is how control systems go beyond simply starting your entertainment for the evening.

Create Your Own Movie Library with Fusion

Typically if each member of your family wants to watch different movies in different rooms, you have to have multiple DVD players for each TV. However, with Fusion’s movie server, you can upload your personal film collection and store them so you can access them easily on any TV in the house. This amazing technology actually makes a copy of your movie and puts it in your own digital library. With Fusion’s EPIC line of servers, you can easily scroll through all of your movies in a visual interface and also use filters to search for specific genres of film, actors and actresses, or sort them alphabetically. Fusion is compatible with Control4 controls, so you can scroll through your movie database on your touch panel, right from your seat. The sky is the limit with this video distribution solution.

High Definition and Ultra High Definition (UHD) 4K TVs

If you have us install a control system and movie server, then you should consider upgrading to 4K too. Soon enough, everything will be in 4K, and you’ll want to have the newest version sooner rather than later. Plus, your entertainment experience will make you feel like you are right in the midst of the action.

If you’re ready to eliminate coffee table clutter and upgrade your video viewing experience, give us a call at (847) 520-1348 or fill out our contact form online. With us, you’ll be scrolling through your entertainment options with ease in no time.